Bioxol - Expert in hematological reagents

Bioxol Ltd. is a company founded in 2012, which manufactures and develops hematology reagents for a variety of 3- and 5-batch analyzers. We also serve more modern flow cytometry devices with the development and production of fluorescent dyes. As another profile, we are also making developments in the field of molecular biology.

We strive for the highest standards in the production of our reagents and are constantly developing our manufacturing plant.

Our company is ISO 13485: 2016 certified, which guarantees the highest quality and performance in the long run.



Our products

We are proud that the high-quality hematology reagents we produce can be stored for a long time without deterioration and show just as reliable and accurate results on individual machines as the products of the original manufacturer. With our continuous development, we are looking for more and more environmentally friendly solutions when shaping the composition of our reagents.


Molecular biology


Our company recently won different tenders to finance new developments. With the help of these, we have developed fluorescent reagent systems with a new composition in an environmentally friendly design. We have also developed our production site and made it suitable for performing molecular biological and microbiological tasks. As a subcontractor, we also assisted in developments related to the epidemic situation.

New products




Our quality standards

Standardized, high-purity raw materials and a tightly controlled manufacturing process guarantee the high quality of our products. All reagent groups are subjected to rigorous quality control and clinical testing process before being placed on the market.

Our reagents are stabilized and preserved by a special process, which results in a particularly long shelf life, a shelf life after opening, and reliable transportability.

We pay special attention to environmental protection, so we produce environmentally friendly products free of toxic chemicals where possible.